Common Dental Emergency Cases You Should Know About

Your teeth can be considered one of your crowning glories. They are a highly important facet of health care, and you must ensure you do everything to keep them healthy and strong. However, there are several circumstances you cannot control that may hamper the quality of your teeth. These may cause severe pain and aches that may lead you to the hospital. You should know when you are in a dental emergency, and you must act quickly. 

Safety First

You should not treat dental emergencies lightly. You have to prioritize your safety. Even at the onset of any pain or discomfort, you have to be mindful to check on what is causing it to happen. If you cannot detect or bring yourself to the dentist early enough, your pain can turn into a severe infection or disease that may be fatal down the line.

Some common emergency cases include broken or chipped teeth, lost filling or crown, and braces snapping. These often happen; however, they can occur unexpectedly. Some incidents may bring intense pain, so you have to act quickly when you do experience any of these situations. You also have to be aware of the nearest emergency dental care clinic so you can head over there as quickly as possible. Below are some of the most common dental emergency cases and what you should do when it happens.

Broken or Chipped Teeth

If you enjoy eating crunchy snacks or hard-to-chew foods, you are most likely to experience some parts of your teeth chip off. There are also unfortunate instances where you miss a step or fall down the stairs—this can also lead to breaking your teeth or having them fall out. These circumstances are almost always accidental, so you must be careful about what you eat and where you walk. If you do experience broken or chipped teeth, you have to make sure to visit your dentist, especially your dentist in Suwanee, GA, right away for them to fix and treat them.

Braces Snapping

This is a common experience with people that have braces. Braces are already uncomfortable, to begin with, and the bands’ snapping only adds to the agony. There are different causes for braces to snap, but it is mainly through the food you eat or the eventual misalignment of the braces themselves. People are often tempted to take more of the braces, or even their invisalign in Suwanee, out on their own to minimize the pain; however, that will only cause more damage. Head to the dentist immediately so they can repair any damage and ensure your braces are back in place.

Lost Cavity Fillings

Whenever cavities occur, dentists usually fill them in. Cavity fillings are highly essential in ensuring that you would not experience any more pain due to the cavity. However, there are times when cavity fillings fall out because of something you ate or chewed. It can also fall out due to intense physical activity, causing you to experience pain and discomfort. Once you notice that you have lost your cavity filling, make sure to go to the dentist right away so they can replace it accordingly.


Dental care is just as important as your overall health care. You must be cautious about the different emergencies you can potentially be in and make sure that you act quickly. Common dental emergencies include broken teeth, snapped braces or wires, and lost cavity fillings. In any emergency, it is highly advisable to go to the dentist immediately so they can remedy the situation and fix what needs to be repaired.

Edward Walker